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Artificial Grass for Crawley Commercial and Residential Properties

Our gardening experts have found that a growing number of Crawley property owners are turning to artificial grass as a low maintenance alternative to traditional lawns and turfing. Using our many years of experience in the gardening industry, we carefully select the very best artificial grass products from industry-leading manufacturers to create stylish imitation lawns for both domestic gardens and for commercial applications such as play areas and sports fields. Safe for both children and pets, we believe that artificial grass can improve your Crawley property just as much as turfing can.



What Our Artificial Grass is Made from


The materials used in manufacturing artificial grass have advanced significantly from its inception, which was an alternative to turfing in American sporting arenas in the 1960s. Artificial grass is layered a little like a carpet, with materials like woven polyester and jute providing the underlay.


Our gardening team will sow rubber, which is recycled from shredded tyres, and sand between the nylon blades, providing cushioning and galvanising the durability of your artificial grass. Artificial grass is an instantaneous solution to a tired-looking lawn at your Crawley property. If you’re looking for instant gratification, it’s a better option turfing process, which can take 2-3 months to fully reap the benefits.



Applications of Artificial Grass


The gardening professionals at Grants Gardens and Landscapes find that artificial grass is particularly popular in Crawley’s recreational environments. These include playgrounds, football pitches and around outdoor swimming pools, preventing mud from turfing getting into the water. Natural grass and turfing can be hazardous for children, with its occasional divots and ditches. Also, dependant on recent weather conditions, muddy areas and bare patches in turfing can be dangerous. With artificial grass, these factors cease to be an issue, giving Crawley parents and commercial site owners alike peace of mind.



How Our Team Installs Artificial Grass in Crawley


When installing artificial grass, our gardening team will conduct a thorough groundwork survey and excavate the area, to create an even, flat base surface. All existing turfing will be removed and a base layer of sand will be put down to a depth of 35mm. Then, this sand will be compacted and levelled to ensure the artificial grass has a firm base. The Grants Gardens and Landscaping team will place a membrane layer over the sand. This should overlap its joints by ~300mm.


Laying the artificial grass itself requires a fair bit of finesse, as if installed improperly it will look highly unnatural and will be far from a convincing imitation. The grass should be rolled out to cover the area, with the pile leaning toward the house and the ends of the grass rolls staggered to not end in a line. Edges should be trimmed with a sharp knife.


One mistake often made by Crawley homeowners laying their own artificial grass is that not all the grass points the same way. Once we’re sure it does, we’ll secure the artificial grass rolls together using jointing tape. To ensure the seal isn’t visible, grass fibres at each joint should be “ruffled up”. Finally, pins will be put in place at the edges of the artificial grass, spaced at intervals of around ~20cm. These will ensure it’s firmly fixed in place. Our expert gardening team will then brush off the grass pile, leaving it looking full and natural.



Looking to have artificial grass installed in or around the Crawley area? Call the Grants Gardens and Landscaping team on 01293 401 699.