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Quality, Competitively Priced Fencing for the Crawley Area

Garden fencing has a number of different practical purposes. Firstly, it acts as a security solution, making it more difficult for any would-be intruder to gain access to your Crawley property. Secondly, it keeps out any prying nosy neighbours, allowing you to enjoy your garden in peace without fear of being spied on. Then there’s the support that fencing can provide for upright plants, which will grow tall and healthy with something to lean on. But beyond on all this, securing quality fencing from reputable landscapers like our own can put the finishing touches to your garden on a purely aesthetic level.


We supply gorgeous wooden fencing in all sorts of styles, at many different price points. While our landscapers usually recommend that Crawley clients invest in the best fencing they can afford, even if you invest in a distinctly affordable type, know that it’ll be of the upmost quality – all our fencing is pressure-treated and is made to be long-lasting.


The Grants Gardens and Landscapes range includes closeboard, lap panel, feather edge and picket fencing, amongst other varieties. They can be completed with ornate lattice tops, and similar stylish finishes.  So whatever kind of design theme you’re developing in your Crawley garden, we’ll be able to find you something that matches your aesthetic sensibilities. Give our landscapers a call to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be happy to hand you a competitive, no-obligation quote, at a price that you just won’t get from similar companies operating in the Crawley area.



Maintaining and Repairing Your Fencing


Alongside our fencing installation services, our landscapers offer homeowners and companies throughout Crawley fast and affordable fencing maintenance services. So if your fencing has seen better days, perhaps because it’s been vandalised, or maybe someone’s knocked panels over with a football, just call us up. We’ll be able to replace any unsalvageable panels, getting your fence back looking as good as the day you bought it! Likewise, we can work on your fence if it’s not been damaged as such, but is just badly weathered.



For more information about the fencing we erect and repair in and around the Crawley area, call our landscapers on 01293 401 699.