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Top Turfing for Crawley Gardens

From simple repair to a complete overhaul of your Crawley lawn, Grants Gardens and Landscapes can manage and oversee a turfing project from start to finish. Using techniques our landscapers have learned over working on many gardens across the area, we ensure the final appearance of your healed or renovated lawn is exemplary, and any subsequent garden maintenance work is made easier. Our turfing experts can deliver Crawley homeowners and commercial site managers a reliable, efficient turfing service that can eliminate common problems with moss, weeds and water pooling.


Without a shadow of a doubt, turfing is the best way to revive jaded and dreary lawns, and is a key part of the garden maintenance package our landscapers can offer Crawley residents who love their gardens. While turfing is a little more expensive than seeding, our customers can have the benefit of instantly-available lawn space, perfect if you have an upcoming event or party and want to wow your guests and friends with your luscious, healthy-looking garden.



The Turfing Process




The first step to successful turfing is preparing the ground in your Crawley garden, which will give new turf the best chance of rooting properly. Our landscapers will remove the bulk of old turf and large debris in the soil. Also, for the purposes of ongoing garden maintenance, we will ensure the turfing area is well drained if there are issues with water retention. Mixing sand into the soil will help with problematic areas.


Soil rotation and raking


Soil cultivation, or rotation, is the next step. Ground in Crawley lawns is usually ripe for cultivating when it isn’t too wet or too dry, such as in the spring time. Raking will then be carried out by our landscapers to create a flat and smooth surface. Topsoil will be applied if soil quality is poor and to make the base for turfing level. Raking will also assist us to break up big clumps of soil.


Tread down


Our landscapers will then tread down the soil in a sidewards motion. This will help to compress the weald clay and sandstone-rich Crawley soil and visualise any difference in levels that may interfere with subsequent turfing. This process will continue until any and all bumps and dips are flattened and level, which makes ongoing garden maintenance far more easy.


Pre-turfing fertiliser and laying the turf


Fertiliser will then be lightly scattered onto the soil by our landscapers before turfing takes place on Crawley properties, which gives soil extra nutrients and encourages subsequent growth. When it’s time for the main event, turfing will be rolled out by our landscapers in straight lines, cutting the turves as they go to fit your garden design. A trick our garden maintenance experts have learned is to use the excess from the first row of turf to finish the second row. This will help to stagger the joins and give a better look to your finished Crawley lawn.


After care


Once the turfing is laid by our landscapers, our garden maintenance experts would recommend you do not walk on the turfing until it has rooted into the soil. If there’s a spot of good weather in Crawley, give your lawn a good water. Our garden maintenance team can help with the ongoing aftercare of your turfing by applying fertiliser every 4-6 weeks, and subsequent mowing to keep your renewed lawn tame and lush.



Grants Gardens and Landscapes are your local garden maintenance experts for Crawley, specialising in turfing. Call our landscapers today on 01293 401 699.